Practice Areas

Game Art

Producing artwork for games holds a special place in my heart.  Every stage of the process, from the initial euphoria of concept to the pain of production and removing barriers between audience and game, I love it all.  I am experienced in producing artwork for games in a deadline conscious environment.  As a skilled sketch artist I can easily give life to bare bones concepts that need to be seen in order to be fully appreciated.  Prototyping, character and setting development artwork, small sprite animations as well as solid Graphic Design aptitude are just some of the skills that I bring to the table.


A little known story, but early on in my life I was strongly considering becoming a dancer.  The summer before my audition for the H.S. of Performing Arts I happen to take a Cartooning class with Dan DeCarlo Jr. of ‘Betty and Veronica’ fame.  That course changed my life.  I spent the rest of that summer preparing a portfolio to be ready for the fall portfolio review at the H.S. of Art and Design.  That was 27 years ago.

I specialize in pen and ink, watercolor, gouache, and acrylics.  As well I am expert at producing complex vector images in Adobe Illustrator and a variety of other programs.


I’m relatively new to infographics; however, this year will be my third working with a firm that specializes in producing litigation graphics.  As well, I have been putting a lot of personal time and energy into learning this craft and have produced several infographics on my own time.


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